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We break the subdivision process down into 5 easy to follow steps:

1. Feasibility

assessment is required to ensure subdivision is eligible. It is advantage to think ahead regarding the analysis of the options, limitations and risks of the development.


2. Resource consent

and land use consent (if needed) could be completed with feasibility information by service of engineers completing reports and plans. We can liaise with Auckland Council to work through details on your behalf.


3. Application Approval

After application is approved, survey condition, engineering conditions, certification and financial conditions will be received which you must adhere to. We can coordinate stormwater, wastewater, water (power, gas) supply and any other connections may be required. Specific site works could also be taken care of.


4. Construction

Experienced building teams of ours have delivered hundreds of new homes. Both physical and paper works will be completed to satisfaction.


5. Completion

After 224 certificate is achieved, final stage before the lawyer take over is completed.