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Management Team

We are committed to providing customers with better management services. Excellent site manager and office team are available for everyone to choose from.

Site management is an important link in the construction of construction projects. Managers are responsible for the preliminary preparations at the construction site, coordinating the implementation of the construction project, ensuring safety and quality management, and clearing funds.

They work closely with the office team to fully complete the assessment indicators of the company’s projects. The most important thing is to ensure the quality and safety of the project, so that the entire construction team can perform the construction contract in a shorter period of time.

What can we do?

Site manager

They complete the formalities of construction entry, organize and coordinate the construction team. Complete the preparation of the engineering materials in the early stage of construction and communicate closely with Auckland Council.

Perform a joint review of drawings before construction, and grasp any matters that need to be declared and changed. Site managers coordinate the time of construction site personnel to ensure high efficiency and control the construction progress, quality and safety.

According to project requirements and standards, cooperate with government auditors to accept the project, organize personnel to complete on-site cleaning and garbage removal to ensure the environment

Office team

Office members mainly work with on-site management.

For construction projects, we will contact major suppliers and ask for quotations. By comparing quotations, we will choose the best supplier to ensure that customers or companies can get better products at the lowest price. In addition, we will actively liaise with construction workers. Exchange information with site management and check the start time with workers in a timely manner to ensure that the project can continue.

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